La Cumbia del Oso

The Pazific

The Pazific takes you on a mystical cumbia journey into the woods, complete with dancing bears.

Check out our video premiere on Tuesday, June 23 at 5pm PST on Youtube:

100% of proceeds to benefit Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Alex Rose - Vocals
Jefferson Rose - Bass
Graham Cornwell - Trumpet
Jane Covert-Bowlds - Tenor and Baritone Sax
Brandon Hunter - Trombone
Aaron Walker-Loud - Drums
Sam Damage - Guitar
Lalo Bello - Percussion
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Vinyl EP and CD available through BANDCAMP

The Fusión EP is a wave of Seattle sound, blending the spirit of the West Coast with inspiration from around the world. With songs in English and Spanish, The Pazific’s Latin pop and surf sounds hit home, while their nomadic influences take you on unexpected journeys.

The Fusión EP Cast: 

Alex Rose – Vocals  
Jefferson Rose – Bass  
Karl Olson – Drums  
Jacob Navarro – Guitar, Mandolin and Mandocello (1)  
Graham Cornwell – Trumpet  
Tyler Peterson – Trombone  
Jason Cressey – Trombone  
Eldridge Gravy – Backing Vocals  
Dustin Kaspar – Backing Vocals  
Alex Chadsey – Organ (2, 4) Piano (4, 5)  
Daniel Rapport – Guitar (1, 2, 3, 5, 6)  
Kate Olson – Tenor Sax (2, 4, 5) Flute (4)  
Amy Denio – Alto Sax (3, 6) Clarinet (1, 3, 6)  
Ahkeenu Musa – Percussion (1, 3, 4, 5, 6)  
Jeff Busch – Percussion (4)  
Naomi Moon Siegel – Trombone (6) Keyboard (6) 

Recorded to 2-Inch Tape and Mixed at Studio Litho by Floyd Reitsma   
Mastered at Resonant Mastering by Ed Brooks   
Vinyl Mastering at Blackbelt Mastering by Levi Seitz 

Artwork – Craig Cundiff  
Graphic Design – Tyler Potts  
Photography – Olli Tumelius  
Logo – Pol Sabata  



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